Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back from the dead with Baby Pinwheel and New Wave quilts!

So, I've been out for the last year and a half, and away from my sewing machine for most of it! We bought a house, have been working on the house, pregnant (again), 2 surgeries, illness, and all around insanity. I did manage to finish 2 quilt quilts I started before all this insanity.

The first is a baby blanket that I have already done once called "Charming Baby Pinwheel." This time the solid pink squares are textured. I have something for the centers of the pinwheels but haven't sewn them on yet. I just LOVE this pattern!!! It's sooooo easy and cute!

The second one I finished is a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman that is also easy! It's a great pattern for fabrics you love and don't want to cut up into little pieces! My picture doesn't do it justice!

I have one more quilt I need to finish and then I'm hoping to start sewing some clothes again! Fingers crossed that I can finish sooner rather than later!


  1. Are you Jon Ross' sister? He was tuning my piano and told me about his sister's blog. I hope I found the right place!
    You have some wonderful quilts!

  2. No, I am not Jon's sister, but thank you for the complement! :)