Saturday, October 22, 2011

Christmas Tree

So life happened and things have been busy these last few days.  I haven't even had time to sew (Gasp!)  But, here it is, the long awaited Christmas tree centerpiece that I've had done for a while now.  I have so many other projects to post it's just sad.   I took this picture really fast last night so it's pretty blah...

I love how lopsided this turned out!  I'm going to add some little balls on there for some ornaments and a star later if I get a chance.  Overall, easy breezy and a piece of cake.  Total time for this was probably 45 minutes...
There are variations of this type of stuffed tree in Simplicity and McCall's patterns that are just as simple, if not more so!

I think just about anyone could do this!

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