Monday, September 12, 2011

McCall's 6271 Updated Bubble Dress

McCall's Patterns M6271 Children's/Girls' Top, Dress and Shorts

This is a fun and cute pattern! I did dress "B".  Overall the pattern is fairly simple.  There is gathering when attaching the skirt to the bodice and also the bottom of the skirt to the underskirt.  If you don't have issues gathering then it shouldn't be a problem.  It also has pleats in the front. One flaw I think is that the band that goes across the waist should be tacked down as opposed to loose because it tends to climb up.  It was easy to fix by slip stitching it down  from the inside so that it sits neatly above the skirt line.

Here it is, modeled once again by my Aviendha in poor lighting:

And here is the back:

Overall, I love the style of this dress (as well as Aviendha!)

On my 1-10 scale I'm going to give it a 3 or a 4...haven't decided yet.

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