Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Up and Coming!

     I know that normally I can whip out projects every day or two but the one I'm working on now is EXTREMELY tedious.  Not hard, just tedious and time consuming, which I don't have much of!  I have to work on this thing when Gage takes his naps and when I'm not doing something with/for Aviendha.  However, I'm enjoying how it's coming together!

In the mean time I'll tell you about what I found.  I've been thinking ahead to the Christmas projects I want to do for decorating and what my current options for fabric are.  After my Mom died I obtained a box of Christmas fabric from her sewing room.  Fabric that hasn't been touched in almost 20 years!

Now I'll admit, there's some dang ugly fabric in this box!!!  Most of it is OK though, and some of it is actually really pretty.  It doesn't look like much but it's been sitting for a long time in this container and has had time to compact quite thoroughly.  I unfolded about a quarter of this thing and had enough to fill our front loading washer!  There is A LOT!  Anyhow, as I was looking through it all I stumbled across this:

This is a pattern with all the pieces and instructions right on the material.  All you have to do is cut out the pieces and sew it together!  It makes a tree centerpiece:

I don't know if this was more common back in the day because I haven't seen anything like this currently.  Either way I've decided, what the heck, I'll put it together.  I'll be sure to post the final product when I'm done!  Don't look for this for a few days to a week as I'm not sure how long it's going to take me to finish my current project...

I'll be posting the stockings I made last year in a couple of days!!!

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