Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simplicity 2935 Flower

Simplicity 2935 Sewing Pattern Crafts Rag Quilts

Yep, I revisited this pattern!  I made the flower this time for baby #3 and probably won't be doing another rag quilt for quite sometime!  

My same bonus advice goes for this one as with the other two except this one is MUCH faster.  Either that or I've got it down to efficiency art.  But truly the sewing on this is incredibly simple and fast.  There also isn't a whole lot of marking either.  

Only two of the colors I used were purchased just for this, the rest were left-overs from the other ones I made.  I have to say, using brighter colors makes the design much more appealing than the ones they put on the pattern example.

This a fun, easy, and cute design for any girl big or small!

Here's my version where you can't see that the white fabric actually has small pink polka dots.  Also I used 3 colors for the petals instead of 2.

This is a 2 on the difficulty scale.

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  1. Adorable! I'm so impressed with your crafty skills!!